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Vegan Christmas Dinner
With Christmas rapidly appoaching our main campaign at the moment is simply to show everyone that a Vegan meal isn't only easy, it's just as tasty and enjoyable as the traditional alterative.

To illustrate this we prepared two more or less identical meals - one with chicken and one with vegan alternatives, many of which are now available in normal supermarkets. We're constantly amazed at how many people think vegans and vegetarians survive on salads and carrot juice. Actually good vegan food is really just good food by any standard, and not nearly as different as you might think.

So what are the main changes you need to make to have a vegan Christmas? Some are obvious, some less so.

The first change is to replace the chicken or turkey. There are lots of choices here, with Redwood, Frys or Realeat the main suppliers. if you can't find them locally, Goodness Direct keep a very good range of alternatives.

For the bread sauce we used Soya cream and milk rather than dairy, and steamed or roasted the vegetables using soya spread or vegetable oil not butter. Even our local supermarket keeps Alpro soya cream and Pure Soya or Dairy Free Sunflower spread.

We used Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages - which are vegan - wrapped in Redwood Cheatin' Rashers of streaky style non bacon. The Skirlie was fried in sunflower oil and the Fairtrade Chilean Merlot Rose wine from our local Co-Op is also vegan, and very good.
Suggested Christmas Menu